Welcome Business Owners

The end of the year is quickly approaching. If you have not already reviewed your accounting and taxes for the year, it is time to focus with doing just that.

My name is Holly Bottiglieri. I’m a partner at Long Island Tax, Accounting & Advisory Services Inc. My firm is a bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, tax preparation and business advisory firm. I operate primarily in the Long Island area but service clients in Westchester County, Manhattan and the five boroughs of New York City.
The firm handles a wide variety of businesses in several industries. Depending on the circumstances, the firm provides basic bookkeeping and payroll tax services, general accounting services and specific accounting services to specific industries, business and individual federal and state tax preparation services and business consulting.
If you feel that your business is ignored by your accountant, if your tax returns are always placed on extension, if you and your business do not receive any tax planning or you just feel that you are not getting the services you expect and are frustrated, call us.
  • We will at no charge, meet with you and discuss your business and tax structure.
  • We will discuss your concerns.
  • We will tell you, from an accounting perspective, your businesses’ strengths and possible weaknesses.
  • As a result of this review, we will tell you that either all is well with your accounting structure and tax reporting or that there are areas of concern.
I understand that accounting and tax issues are usually placed on the back burner and addressed when you have the time. Unfortunately “having the time” for most business owners, does not exist. Yet your concerns are important. At Long Island Tax Accounting & Advisory Services, Inc., we will streamline this review and respond immediately with our results. You will then have the information to make an informed management decision.
If you have concerns about your business’ accounting and tax services and you are interested in our review, please contact us for a no-charge no-hassle initial consultation. Our phone number is 631-645-5257 or visit our website at www.litaasi.com
Holly Bottiglieri, E.A.(Enrolled Agent)
Email address: Holly@litaasi.com