Boneheaded moves can cost you plenty of money each year

Here is a great article we came across to step back and take a look at how boneheaded moves can cost you plenty of money each year!

MSN: Are you pulling a Pete Carroll with your money?

IMG_1181Everybody is smarter than Pete Carroll right now. How could the Seattle Seahawks head coach call such a dumb play on Sunday night? How could he throw away the Super Bowl by telling his quarterback to make a risky pass instead of handing off the ball for a run from the one-yard line?

But before we stand in judgment at the water cooler, just one small question: Are we smarter? The boneheaded decisions so many people make when it comes to simple money matters makes me wonder.

From where I sit, here are at least seven “Pete Carroll” blunders that an awful lot of Monday Morning Quarterbacks seem to be making.

1. Throwing away money. I’ve actually stopped arguing with friends about their cell-phone bills. They could cut them in half each month by changing carriers, but the information just doesn’t seep in. They look at me, blankly. Ditto cable TV, car payments and all that rubbish people buy at the mall. For a nation obsessed with taxes, we sure do waste a lot of money.

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